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Snow Eagle Down


by Nancy Veldman


On a snow covered mountain, in the midst o one of the worst snow storms in the history of Montana, a small plane lay nestled in the trees near a frozen lake. One wing was gone. The nose of the plane was shoved inward, and there was no sign f life. But inside the plane were Elizabeth Stone, a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, and Jim Wilson, a cardiologist. Two people thrown together in a fight for their lives. And no one knew where they were. Elizabeth had a booming business and was sought out by the highest ranking companies to find the problem and fix it. Jim was a highly esteemed heart surgeon. They had one thing in common and that was a mutual friend named Leigh Miller, who was determined that they were a perfect match. Over a dinner table at Leigh’s house, Jim met Elizabeth and found out she was a pilot. He talked her into flying him home so that he could get to know her better. It seemed like the ideal date. But what it turned out to be was a ticket for death. Life takes crazy turns, and this one day a plane was taken down on the side of a snow covered mountain. No radio communication. Nothing. The stories of her great grandfather, who was a full-blooded Sioux, came rushing back as Elizabeth fought to survive the cold. The snow never stopped falling, covering their tracks. Hair raising at times, you will find yourself lost in their battle to win over the elements. You will feel the fear. There is a dance that is hidden beneath the struggle to survive, of two people who discover how tough the are. But you will also see a love forming that could heal a cracked heart. Take a wall down. She was a tough woman with a wounded heart, and he was, after all, a cardiologist. The chase, the push-pull that goes on silently between a man and woman, is all over the words in this story. But so is the snow. And it covers every single trace of anyone ever being there. And it falls silently, just like the heart falling in love.


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