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Saints and Vagabonds


A novel by Nancy Veldman


Matt Collins had everything a man could want. Cars, houses, boats and a life that was a dream. But one dark night he listened to the whisper of cocaine and lost every single thing he owned. He took a long drive to Destin, Florida, filled with shame and ready to die. What he didn’t count on was meeting Joseph Mason, a man of the cloth, who decided to take him under his proverbial wing. A gripping story of one man’s climb back to the human race, a son trying to find his father, and an old tramp who took it upon himself to bring the two together. You may laugh and you will cry, but you won’t put this book down. For in the great harbors of Destin lay secrets of drug deals and kingpins, and the twist and turns of this story are worn by a ragged old scientist who in his last days throws a seven in the game of life, and turns Matt’s world upside down. Saints and Vagabonds isn’t just any novel. It’s a man’s life in words. On paper. And oh, yes, you will miss a few nights’ sleep over this one. So get comfortable and go for the ride.

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