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Presumed Dead


by Nancy Veldman


Agent Smith Sanderson had a powerful presence with his tall stature and inhuman strength, but it was his uncanny ability to recall events, places and detail that made him the perfect match for covert. He worked for the United States Government as a special op agent alongside his best friend, Ben Parker. While on mission, their whereabouts were unknown to the rest of the world. They risked their lives for a government who would deny their existence should they be captured or killed. After doing this for years, it began to change who they were. Grace, Smith’s wife, was a principal at Ross High and was fluent in three languages. She’d learned the hard way that life with Smith would be a roller coaster of emotions, for when he was called out on a mission, she had no promise he would return. She was a strong woman and dug into her career with a vengeance so that she would not fall apart if he didn’t return home. Their relationship was intense when he was home and they accomplished great things together. But she vowed never to remarry because she knew he could never be replaced. In a horrific turn of events, Grace and Ben were thrown together when a covert operation failed and Smith was left behind. Because of a promise Ben made to Smith to take care of Grace should anything ever happen, she allowed him into her world. But for some reason she couldn’t forget. She couldn’t let go. Not yet. Little did they know that across a vast ocean in a remote location in Pakistan, an American soldier was recovering from deadly wounds. Only he had no memory of his past. His wife. His best friend. He was a man with no country and, no name, and an inability to find his way back home. A powerful story of the human will to survive and a chilling reminder of words written in stone thousands of years ago; greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his friends. A story you will not soon forget.


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